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Frequently Asked Questions & Terms


What kind of fish will we catch?2023-01-05T17:05:37-05:00

We spend a lot of time updating our website. Please read the trip descriptions carefully. We want you to be satisfied. When someone pays for a 4-hour reef trip and gets on the boat in the morning and asks if the Mahi or Tuna are around it is immediately a buzzkill for us. Our boats and crew have the boat ready for the trip you choose. The trip descriptions are followed diligently. Please book the trip you want or give us a call and ask our opinion of would give you the best experience based on your goals.

How do I avoid getting seasick?2023-01-05T17:03:20-05:00

Many of the people we see get seasick have something in common. They drank too much alcohol the night before! We know you are on vacation, but for most, your fishing charter trip is a big part of your vacation. We recommend that you don’t risk ruining your experience by staying out all night and drinking heavily.

Over-the-counter motion sickness medicine is available at most stores within walking distance of where you are staying. From our experience, folks taking motion sickness medication before bed and again in the morning are much less likely to feel drowsy. Always check with your doctor first before taking any medication.

What if I need to cancel my trip?2023-01-05T16:58:37-05:00

If cancellation is received within 60 days of scheduled trip only the deposit is forfeited. If cancellation is received within 3 days of departure the full payment of the trip will be charged. No shows will also be charged in full.

What is a standard gratuity for the Captain and crew?2023-01-05T16:44:48-05:00

Charter fishing is a service-based industry. This means Captains and mates are paid a small wage for the time spent with you as their primary source of income is tips. Similar to wait staff at a restaurant, working for tips ensures they give 110% effort on your trip. If you get off one of our boats, knowing that the Captain and crew did everything they could to provide you with a memorable day, you should tip them. The Standard tip in the industry is 20% of the trip’s total price, not just the balance due after your deposit.

What would cause you to cancel a trip?2023-01-05T16:43:33-05:00

If mechanical issues arise with the boat you reserved, the trip would be canceled or delayed until it is safe to use. Weather is also another factor. Just because it’s sunny outside doesn’t mean it is safe to be on the water.

Our Captains are out there every day so we know when it is not safe to fish.

There could be a light breeze on one side of the island and very strong wind and current on the other. When our Captains decide to cancel, we ask you to remember this is how we make a living. We don’t cancel because we want to sleep in that day. When conditions are rough and dangerous, we must consider what happens if a mechanical issue arises or, worse, a medical emergency. We ask that you trust our judgment we always put you and your family’s safety first.

What should we bring?2023-01-05T16:41:00-05:00

Regardless of the temperature, we recommend a towel for each person or a long sleeve shirt. Occasionally we can get some storms that pass quickly, and they can bring some cool air. Sunscreen lotion, hydrating beverages, along with snacks. Of course, bring an optimistic attitude and make sure you are well-rested!

Can we bring sunscreen?2023-01-05T16:38:17-05:00

Absolutely, we highly encourage sunscreen. The UV index in the Florida Keys is more than likely much higher than where most of our clients are visiting from. Even on a cloudy day you can get burned if you arent wearing sunscreen. We strongly encourage lotion over sprays. If you bring sunscreen spray on our boats, our crew will ask you politely to spray into your hands and apply by hand. Spray sunscreen damages the cushions, the wax on the boat, and our computer screens. Aerosol sprays also contain chemicals that are not safe for the environment. Spray sunscreens also make the boat’s surfaces extremely slippery, posing a danger to everyone.

Can we bring alcohol?2023-01-05T16:08:04-05:00

Yes, you may, but we have a firm policy regarding alcohol on our boats. Beer, along with other common canned alcoholic beverages are allowed. No bottles are permitted on board. Absolutely no hard liquor is allowed.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your charter(s) for any reason without penalty, we require 61 days notice.

If cancellation is received within 60 days of scheduled trip only the deposit is forfeited.

If cancellation is received within 72 hours (3 days) of departure the full payment of the trip will be charged. No shows will also be charged in full.

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