Finding the Right Offshore Fishing Charter in the Florida Keys

Published On: March 26th, 2024Categories: Offshore Fishing

Mahi season is just round the corner!

The pristine waters in the Florida Keys are heating up with more visitors and big offshore fish! Our offshore fishing charters have already begun, and at the time of writing this article, the Blackfin Tuna, Sailfish, and Wahoo bite is on. Soon, the sought-after Mahi-Mahi started to show up in large schools. If you’re seeking an unforgettable adventure in the Florida Keys, consider booking an offshore fishing charter!

Blackfin Tuna

The Tuna are biting!

The Boat

Offshore fishing is different from fishing close to land. Fishing the reef or inland fishing is relatively consistent fishing. Fishing spots or areas will depend on the current , wind, and tide on the day of your fishing trip. Offshore is entirely different! Variables such as water temperature, cloud cover, the location of the Gulf Stream, as well as wind speed and direction all influence where to search for big fish. Choosing the right boat for your offshore fishing charter can profoundly impact the quality of your fishing adventure. It could mean the difference between a satisfactory experience and an extraordinary one.

Blackfin Tuna

Offshore fishing is a blast and everyone gets involved.

In fact when the captains here at Manicsportfishing Charters go on vacation if they want to book a fishing charter themselves the boats plays a big role on who they fish with.

When it comes to boating size does matter! We do not recommend offshore fishing in any boat less than 30 feet long. The sea conditions can play a big part in offshore fishing. Sometimes, when the waves are a bit bumpy, a smaller boat must move much slower and be limited in its travel direction to provide a safe and manageable ride. When spending hard-earned money on an offshore fishing trip, the last thing we want is the size of the boat to slow down the hunt for fish.

Electronics! Radar, bird-finding radar, and a top-notch depth/fishfinder also play a significant role in the location of the fish. Birds feed on bait fish that are being pushed to the surface by offshore big fish. A boat equipped with bird-finder radar can see birds feeding far beyond the human eye. This can prove to be a real game-changer!

Offshore trips target pelagic fish like Tuna and Mahi.

Tuna Tower

These towers, which allow the Captain and crew to climb up and see for miles above the water line, are proven to find floating debris in the water and weed lines, help locate birds, and sometimes even spot fish feeding before the birds!

The boat certainly can play a major role in offshore fishing charters; however, here are some other things to look for when booking an offshore fishing charter. The crew that you will be spending the day with. Most of the charter boats in Marathon, Florida, will carry up to 6 paying passengers. Charter boats that carry six people should always have a deckhand/mate. Many seasoned captains have run successful offshore fishing charters with just themselves and no mates. When speaking with customers, both past and present, they much prefer a mate on the boat to assist the people fishing as well as safety and productivity.

Imagine six people fishing with a school of 50 plus fish around the boat and only one person to navigate the boat, gaff the fish, rebait the hooks or retie new rigs simultaneously. Customers may be on a boat for 3 hours without seeing any sign of fish, and then Boom, there is a fish-feeding frenzy! Everyone has been anxiously awaiting this and wants to take full advantage of the gift the ocean has just given them!


A tasty Tripletail we recently caught offshore.

The Need for Speed

Have you ever seen a shotgun start to an offshore fishing tournament where the boats are lined up waiting for the green light to head offshore? The second they have the greenlight the roar of the engines, the smoke and sound of horsepower is so exhilarating! That speed isn’t just for show; the faster the boat can move, the greater the amount of time available for fishing. The first boat to put lines in the water is also the last to pull the lines out to make it back into weigh in their fish. Speed is also a factor in getting to the fish before other boats beat you to them! Once the boat enters the hunting area, it will slow down and look for signs of big fish but getting there faster sure helps.

Here at Manicsportfishing Charters, we have built our offshore fishing charters and offshore fishing tournaments around our 36-foot Yellowfin with triple 300hp V8 Mercury outboard engines. We can move at speeds over 50mph. We always run with a Captain and Mate as well. Our electronics are state-of-the-art; yes, we have a tower! We have and know of other Charter Fishing boats in Marathon built similar to ours, so if we can not accommodate you on a particular day, we can recommend a charter to put the odds of an amazing big fish offshore day in your favor!


We hope this article helps folks looking for an offshore fishing charter in the Florida Keys narrow their choices. We hope to see everyone out there with big smiles and a fish of a lifetime.

Many of our customers who enjoy an offshore fishing charter also love a relaxing trip on one of our sandbar/snorkel boats during their vacation. It is vastly different from an offshore fishing charter, but it is an amazing way to relax those muscles and unwind after an exhilarating fishing trip! If that sounds fun, visit our pontoon page to check it out. We even have a waterslide on the boat, making it a blast for the kids and young at heart. Check out our availability, or feel free to give us a call!

Hope to see you soon!

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