Mangrove Snapper Fishing In the Florida Keys

Published On: June 6th, 2023Categories: Reef Fishing
Mangrove Snapper

Mangrove Snapper can be found on the reef year-round, but the fishing is exceptional during their spawn.

The time is fast approaching for the much anticipated Mangrove Snapper Spawn in the Florida Keys. Here at Manicsportfishing Charters, located in Marathon, Florida, we are excited!

Below are the three most frequently asked questions from customers interested in booking these fishing Charters.

What is the Mangrove Snapper Spawn? When does it happen, and where?

Mangrove snappers spend most of their time in the Florida Bay in the Florida Keys. They are by far the most abundant snapper. Fishing for them is fun in shallow water; they fight hard on light tackle.

The mangrove snapper usually spawns soon after the full moon in June. The fishing remains excellent through July and August. The larger mangroves head to the shallow patch reefs on the ocean side in massive schools. This is where the spawn takes place.

Although large, the schools of fish that move Oceanside tend to congregate in small areas sporadically through the ocean’s patch reefs.

During the spawn, millions of eggs are laid in the areas over the course of a couple of months.

While the spawn is happening, the fish are ravenous and feeding constantly. This makes the fishing for mangrove snappers excellent.

Mangrove Snapper fishing is a great activity for families.

Some days we do not even have to use chum. Once anchored, the fish swim to the boat! We like to use light tackle which makes the fishing even more fun. If the line is too heavy, the fish shy away, and you get fewer bites. Too light, and they break the line. Once hooked, mangrove snapper will try to swim into the rocks and chaff off the line, so it is crucial to wind quickly to get them off the bottom. If you come fishing with us, you do not need to worry; we know exactly what gear to use.

For bait, we use Ballyhoo chunks, cut pinfish, squid, and shrimp. We also use live bait such as pilchards and pinfish. We use live bait once the fish are in a frenzy to catch the bigger snappers.

The per-person snapper bag limit is very generous, and folks can leave our fishing charter with plenty of fish for family and friends. This is excellent news because mangrove snappers are delicious! We have a few places in Marathon, Florida, that will vacuum seal your catch and even ship it to your home.

Let us know how many Snapper you plan to keep, we will catch, photo, and release the others!

When fishing the mangrove snapper spawn, we ask that you tell us how many fish you plan to keep and eat. Preserving our fishery is essential, and we would be happy to release any fish you do not intend to eat.

June is here; this is the time to book your 3 to 6-hour reef fishing charter. The dates fill up quickly, and the fishing is excellent. We have many charter boats to choose from. We even have our 31 Steiger Craft charter boat with a bathroom, cabin, and air conditioning for small children and families to be comfortable while fishing.

We are excited to get out and make memories with many repeat and new customers. Follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts under Manicsportfishing charters for daily pictures and reports. Finally, check out our reviews; they speak for themselves!

Give us a call or text at 305-903-5764, text or visit our contact page. Let’s go fishing!

The snapper are here, let’s go fishing!

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